US Gov't Lies; Cuba Has No Troops in Venezuela, FM Asserts

Havana - Cuba has no troops, nor security personnel in Venezuela, the US Government lies again to the world, the Cuban Foreign Ministry has asserted.

These slanders are an insult for the Cuban and Venezuelan people and a disrespect to the public opinion, the international community, sovereign States and the American people that deserve to know the truth, Deputy Director of the United States Office of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Johana Tablada, told a press briefing.

The true reason behind such false allegations rests on the US Government's intent to hide the failure of its aggressive policy against Venezuela for the past years, stressed Tablada.

Such lie is also linked to Washington's needs of concealing the failure of the second coup attempt in the past hours against the legitimate and constitutional government of Venezuela led by President Nicolas Maduro.

'It also wants to distort Venezuela's reality and the wide support of Venezuelans for their government and president', she insisted.

The US knows Cuba neither meddles in Venezuela's internal affairs nor has it troops there, Tablada underscored.

Using such prevarication to threaten Cuba with a full blockade, including naval siege, is outrageous and cruel, she said referring to Donald Trump's warning of ordering a total blockade if Havana did not withdraw its military from Venezuela.

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