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Stand in front of the work art of photographer Alejandro Ávila from Guira is sometimes like standing before a haven of peace, that peace necessary for every human being, analgesic that relieves him of a world where deficiencies and surprises remain, although some irony present in works of this type , as The Blissful and Evolution ?, remind us of the latent dangers of our beautiful nature.

Regarding humor, his proposals are not second table. It appears in an accurate and spontaneous way in every corner and in every face of his Güira and his country, an indelible mark and vital sign of a nation that, despite its shortcomings and mishaps, knows how to laugh like no other through its humblest creatures and small towns.

Hence, it is precisely a success the repeated presence of the smiling images of Alejandro in various places of Cuban humor.

But it is, perhaps, in the hard and hard essence of daily reality where the greatest successes of this creator rest, reflecting those creatures with a sweaty face that, on the shoulder and feet in the furrow, write the most beautiful pages of the wild and laborious Cuban struggle today. The most generous essence of our identity and, surely, the most defensible and clear part of our humanism is present in them.

"In documentary photography I use the snapshot, which I fully enjoy to capture, with unusual angles of shot, the details and expressions of the subjects in their daily life, highlighting the human being and his tools in his environment as an inseparable unit ".


Alejandro started as an amateur photographer in 2005, when he began his studies in a self-taught way. Enthusiastic in this artistic manifestation, he participated in competitions and exhibitions with very successful acceptance of the critics.

He is a member of the Cuban Audiovisual Association (ACAV), the Cuban Photographic Image Fund (FCIF) and the Cubafoto Cultural Project, the Ibero-American Photography Fund (FIF), and the La Academia Creation Group (Cabrales del Valle Academy of Art and Photography).

He has contributed his works to the Digital Writing of Radio Ariguanabo, Artemisa Radio Station and the Güira Television TV, as well as to the Artemiseño newspaper. His snapshots have been used in books and catalogs of exhibitions of creators of the plastic arts in galleries of the capital.

He has made a set of photographs for the promotion of works of art in the collection, used in the first magazine of the National Museum of Fine Arts, as well as in news published in Juventud Rebelde, Pa'lante and Granma newspaper.

Reviews of his work and the evaluation of the results of the set of works and his participation in the national and provincial salons, appear in the pages of the el habanero and el artemiseño newspapers , Opus Habana digital magazine and on the Angerona website.

They are included on the websites of radio stations Ariguanabo, Radio Artemisa, Radio Cadena Habana, Radio Habana Cuba, Habana Radio and Radio Reloj. Several of his works are part of public and private collections inside and outside of Cuba.

His camera has been, without doubt, very active, he has looked for "the sublime in everyday life", as an old Spanish song says , and brought out authentic popular poetry from those creatures that, often, often go unnoticed before our eyes.


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