Ethiopia to Increase Efforts to Promote Women's Development

Ethiopia to Increase Efforts to Promote Women's Development
The president of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde, has reportedly assured that her government will increase efforts and strategies to ensure the development and involvement of women in all sectors of society. It is important to work with the goal of achieving the full inclusion of women in all the processes that we carry out, said Zewde at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Africa in this capital, during the presentation of a national report under the Beijing +25 global program.

We must and will do more to meet and satisfy the demands of women, a vital force for the development of Ethiopia,' she added, according to Fana Broadcasting Corporate, which quotes a communication from the President's Office.

She also praised the progress made in recent years and called for the unity of community and religious leaders, as well as political and economic actors, with the purpose of projecting comprehensive processes that lead to tangible results in the attention to women.
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