Cuban President Highlights International Rejection to Helms Burton

Havana - Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted Saturday the international rejection of the Helms Burton Act, which tightens and codifies the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against Cuba by the U.S. government for almost six decades.

The Head of State said in a message on Twitter that Helms Burton (in force since 1996) has been rejected by the international community because of its violation of international law and its extraterritorial application.

'Cuba will never allow the country's destinies to be ruled by any law of a foreign power. We are Cuba', wrote the President in his account @DiazCanelB.

The White House administration activated Title III of the legislation last May 2.

This chapter offers U.S. citizens the possibility of filing lawsuits in their country's courts against individuals or companies that 'traffic' in a property legitimately nationalized by the Cuban government after 1959.

In this regard, Diaz-Canel asserted that the Helms-Burton articles go against international legality, adding that the controversial law 'expresses the frustration of U.S. governments for 60 years of failure of their policies against Cuba.

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