Libraries deserve the best

Some years ago, in an article titled "Tiene lágrimas negras," I commented in the pages of this newspaper about the deplorable state of Julio Rosas municipal library in San Antonio de los Baños township.

There, where the rain and humidity had passed the count to dozens and dozens of titles, everything conspired against books and readers could give each other a happy hug.

Fortunately, since January, after changing seven times, the library has had an excellent and solid property in the vicinity of the Amphitheater, and has its services at the full disposal of readers and students.

During our stay in this headquarters, we see that it is a peaceful place, located in a beautiful environment. It has a newspaper library and four rooms: a general one for adults, one for children and youth, another for reference, plus a special area for the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Anci) with books in Braille.

However, several limitations affect the quality of service in this institution.

According to Maricela Corvo, president of the Cuban Association of Librarians in Artemisa province and who has represented Cuba in events held in ten nations, the location of libraries in the center of towns and cities is instituted by the Ministry of Culture. not in the peripheries, as in this case.

This is confirmed by the low public attendance to the entity. In addition, it is important that the library has a potable water service to guarantee, among other purposes, the cleanliness of its four bathrooms, as well as a telephone, internet service and a necessary refrigerator.

The library has ten workers, headed by Ania Rosa Arias, the director, who has worked in this same library for 36 years, a lifetime, in which she has left black tears in this essential cultural endeavor, today with better luck , but with pending accounts to turn Julio Rosas into a real jewel at the service of all San Antonio inhabitants.


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