Cuban Official Praises Right Protection for People with Disabilities

Maria de los Angeles Avila, Vice President of the Cuban Association for People with Physical and Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM), on Friday praised the political will of her country''s government in protecting the rights of people with disability. Avila told Prensa Latina that even though there is still work to be done, Cuba continues being an example of what has been achieved in 60 years of the Revolution.

She described the 6th Congress of ACLIFIM that concludes on Friday as historic and full of expectations.

Avila also stated that during the meeting, held in the Havana's Conference Center, people with disabilities advocate for strengthening actions in favor of raising awareness in society in the protection of their rights.

There are currently suitable conditions to continue with results in the inclusion of these people in areas related to employment, sports and culture, she said.

About the Constitution approved in a referendum on February 24, she expressed consent for the recognition and work in Cuba in terms of safeguarding and integrating people with disabilities into all spheres of the society.

The 6th Congress of the Cuban Association for People with Physical and Motor Disabilities, dedicated to the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, will end this Friday after two days of debates under the premise: 'Defending respect for diversity, inclusion and the effective participation.'
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