Helpful investment in Mariel Thermoelectric plant

Colossal and impressive as the whole industry, looks for these days the rehabilitation of the Generating Unit number 6 in Maximo Gomez Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE) in Mariel, a project that has been accomplished since 2017.

The Unit will allow the incorporation of 100 megawats to the total capacity of the Thermoelectric Plant, which amounts to 417.2 megawats / hour, from the burning of Cuban crude oil.

Four hundred and eighty one workers , technicians and engineers are in charge of the reparation works , distributed in three work shifts. Engineer Roberto Pigueiras, at the head of this working group, explained the importance of the implementation of block 6, which will enable the use of national fuel in the generation of electricity, and a saving of 50% of costs in comparison with diesel prices.

According to details from the Economic Department of the CTE, the tonne of diesel reaches 599 CUC, while that of Cuban crude only costs 285.

The numbers alone convince of the need to undertake this work, to 72% of compliance in terms of the overall schedule of the project, and 38.4 in the thermomechanical assembly of the boiler and turbine, made by the Maintenance Company to Power Plants Pigueiras affirmed.
Eighting companies subordinated to the Ministry of Construction and the Electric Union participate in the work. At present, they are working on the foundation of the engine room, and they have already hoisted the dome that serves as a water tank, in charge of the boiler.

The rehabilitation must finish in the first semester of 2020, although later the generation block will finally be subjected to tests and adjustments for 40 days, before incorporating it into the National Electroenergetic System.

Máximo Gómez uses two technologies in the generation of electrical energy: thermal, through three units of 90 megawats each that use Cuban crude, and eight fuel oil engines, able to produce 18.4 megawats each.

The engineer stressed the successful strategy of diversifying the country's energy matrix, with the development of wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic and other renewable energy, respectful of the environment and sustainable for present and future generations.


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