In July as in February

Small town, huge will. And I allow myself to modify the well-known saying, because Candelaria has the smallest number of inhabitants in the province: it barely exceeds 20,000; however, its inhabitants are surrounded by the satisfaction of conquering many achievements , such as the celebrations for July 26th in Artemisa.

It is not about that recognition does not includes the small ones . The tradition of handing over the celebration for the Day of National Rebellion to a territory or locality, invites to stimulate work and joy among those who never stop.

The province wwould celebrate together with Candelaria , and do not worry, because the land of relevant personalities in the field of history, medicine, culture and sports, ranks fourth in territorial extension of the 11 municipalities, with some 300 km2. Nothing, that there are still lovely landscapes and terrifying hills in these parts.

There is also a big will El Novillo UBPC, among those with the greatest contribution to the sugar harvest recently concluded in 30 de Noviembre sugar mill.

Although they stopped delivering 1 775 tons of cane according to the plan, mainly because of the rain, of an estimated yield of 38.5 tons per hectare, they obtained 39.7. "And we are going for superior results," says Samuel García, cooperative president.

"There is the cane that was not cut, while we work on spring planting, manual and mechanized, and we provide care."

Until the day of our visit, they had planted 226 of the 239 hectares planned for late June. In an effort to meet the goal and exceed the numbers, "we enjoy the support of the Sugar Company Artemisa and the UEB of 30 de Noviembre Attention to Sugar Producers (APA), which has put in function of this task two seeders machines."

In El Novillo, they barely registered 27 tons per hectare, while only 1,578 of the more than 3,000 of the UBPC area were sown with the grass.

García became the manager on June 25, 2018; he found a very difficult situation from which his industriousness saved him, accompanied by example and optimism.

"At first nobody believed in the recovery of the UBPC; the bank granted us a loan of more than three million pesos when they realized the interest we put on the land. We have already accumulated 1,858 sown fields, and we want to close 2019 with 1900, the biggest contribution to this vital date for Cubans. "

In the task authorities of Candelaria and the 128 workers of El Novillo participate, 29 of them women, also engaged in the breeding of 258 head of cattle. They sow various crops, deliver milk, promote sheep and goats and dream of activating pig farming.

Good and "delicious" figures

Candelaria contributed more than 16 million pesos extraplan to the mercantile circulation of the territory, despite not being able to finally open the doors of the emblematic restaurant La Gran Via, inhabitants´s constant demand.

Domingo Muñoz, director of the UEB of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services, meant the presence of 18 wineries and ten butchers, many in mountainous areas; 12 places leased to self-employed workers; a Cooperative in the ice cream parlor ; four stores of industrial products and one of construction materials; an ideal market; and restaurants such as El Recodo and Horizontes Soroa.

On the delay in reopening La Gran Via restaurant , Muñoz said that they have only carried out sanitation work, because the Provincial Company changed the original project, and decided to replace the fibers of part of the cover by using concrete.

But, "materials are scarce today. Of 290 steel strips to receive, they have arrived 90 to the municipality. The Provincial Administration, the Business Group, the Commerce Company and us, manage this resource and the cement ."

The plate is covered. Some materials are needed , because the furniture is stored and continues the preparation of bartenders, cooks and employees, who were approved.

They have used in La Gran Via one million 300 000 pesos, and have approved four million 500 000, the majority employed in fine tuning the installation, which will offer breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners, in addition to drinks and discotheque on the second floor.

The challenges of the sector here coincide with those of the country: raise the quality of services, being according to Resolution 54 of 2018 on Consumer Protection, strengthen internal control -without crimes to date-, ensure the food safety and accompany the performance of the Elaboration Center, where they meet many needs from, croquettes, fritters, stews, dough sweets and syrup.

Vanguards are born from difficulties

Most of the ten vehicles that make up the fleet in Transportation UEB in Candelaria, accumulate more than 20 years of work. Just three Diana buses are in operation. This complex technical situation does not intimidate Ricardo Iglesias and his group, the one who has made possible Vanguard's condition since 2009 of the basis for transporting passengers and cargo.

Iglesias has drivers such as Enrique Morales, mechanics, economic team and support staff all the merit of such results.
"We respect the departure and return times, as well as the maintenance cycles. The daily technical review guarantees road safety and the fulfillment of nine routes, two of them to the mountain (La Caridad and Los Tumbos camping site ) ".

They are characterized by the attachment to technical-economic plans, but the lack of diesel hinders the operation of two articles traveling to Havana and San José de las Lajas, and they deposit 4,000 pesos each day.

Who doubts that the discipline of the Candelarian transporters contributed to the condition of National Vanguard of the Provincial Transport Company, and July 26 celebrations ?

It also did the excellence of its two camping sites and the enthusiasm to donate blood in Godínez.

"We keep overcoming our plans and indicators. Incomes are at 120%. However, beyond figures, we stand out for the varied services provided by facilities such as El Taburete and La Caridad, located in Candelaria ", says Acela Pérez, deputy director of the Provincial Company of Camping.

This company mix experience and youth . It has workers with more than 15 years of work, including two founders of Camping : one of them received the Commander in Chief when he inaugurated El Taburete. And young women are the majority among the sales managers.

There is a lot to be said about this land and its neighborhoods, such as Zone 33 of the community of Godínez, which has been selected as a Centennial Zone for its contribution to blood donations. Neighbors like Segundo Cárdenas, who adds 210 voluntary donations, is proud of Candelaria.

Zone 33 is the most outstanding, but not the only one that practices this great gesture: many Candelarians donate their blood selflessly to help those who need it.

"Saving lives makes me good ; knowing that my contribution can help others is my greatest joy, "says Dorna Pedroso, from Zone 32.

According to Andrés Ligoña, president of the Popular Power Assembly, there is a lack of the State Agricultural Market, never included in the investment plan of the Agroindustrial Grain Company, and supported by 1% of the territorial contribution to local development.

It still has no floor, plateaus, counters, repello ..., tasks that a brigade of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets must complete.

"It should not end before the 26; nevertheless, the camping office can be expected, 26 cabins renovated in Soroa, the point of sale of ornamental plants of the Orquideario, the conclusion of the maintenance in the BPA and in three schools ", just to mention some works.

The 26 celebrations always renew, in harmony with traditions and history. I hope and the July party one, as in February, Ramón Pez Ferro, Paula Ali, Idalys Ortiz and many other stars, near the well, the Virgin and a girl with freshly cut hair!


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