British FM Considers Unacceptable Leaked Messages on Trump

London - The Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, considered unacceptable the leakage of several secret messages to the press, in which the British ambassador in the United States described as incompetent the government of President Donald Trump.

Hunt confirmed this Monday, during a press conference, the incident is being investigated, and there will be 'serious consequences' for the person responsible of having delivered the diplomatic cables to the Daily Mail.

The head of British diplomacy clarified, however, that the views of Ambassador Kim Darroch on US policy are strictly personal, and that the diplomat was doing his job.

I do not share the ambassador's assessment (...) but I do defend his right to do it with frankness, and it is very important that our diplomats in the world can continue to act like that, stressed Hunt, who competes with Boris Johnson for the leadership of the Conservative Party and the premiership.

The memorandums published this weekend by the Daily Mail, ranging from 2017 to the present, describe the internal conflicts of the White House as 'knife fights', and warn London that Trump's career could end in disgrace.

In another of the texts, Ambassador Darroch says he does not think the US administration will become less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less divided and less diplomatically clumsy and inept.

The day before, when questioned about the leak, Trump questioned the work of the British diplomat, whom he said had not served the United Kingdom very well.

In London, meanwhile, most politicians defended Darroch's performance, although Brexit Party leader, ultraconservative Nigel Farage, felt he should be replaced immediately.

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