Fire Festival On Fifth Day in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba - The concert by singer Waldo Mendoza and the Uruguayan Youth Symphony Orchestra completed the fifth day of the 39th International Caribbean Festival, which began in this Cuban city on July 3 with the participation of about 30 countries.

Also on the list was the show to honor the rebellious slave, at the top of Loma de los Chivos (Goat Hill), where the Monument to the Cimarron (fugitive man) is located.

Some few hours after the Fire Festival is closed on Tuesday, two ceremonies of deep religious magic will be held with an Oda to Yemaya at Juan Gonzalez beach and the Mpaka Loading, symbol of the festival, as well as the Gran Gaga, a Haitian descent festivity, and a peasant celebration.

After several issues on history, culture and realities of the Caribbean peoples were analyzed, the International Colloquium 'The Caribbean that Unites Us' will conclude, during which some details of the ties between Cuba and Uruguay were addressed. This 39th edition was dedicated to the Uruguayan culture.

On July 9, when the Festival closes its doors, the call for the 2020 event will be presented. It will be dedicated to Belize and the four decades of the Siboney Recording Studios, a company on the initiative of composer and Commander of the Revolution, Juan Almeida.

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Passion, devotion, effort ...

When summer arrives, a human force is responsible for the enjoyment of those who take advantage of this season to rest. Many people get involved in long working hours so that everyone has a happy summer. Then they appear, those that are often forgotten; however they are important pillars in the sociocultural development of this summer stage in Cuba.

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Benny Moré

Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez (Benny Moré) was one of the most transcendental Cuban musicians. He was born in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood in Santa Isabel de Las Lajas, in the former province of Las Villas, currently the province of Cienfuegos in central Cuba. He was the oldest of 18 brothers, from a humble and peasant Afro-Cuban family. Bartholomew learned to play the guitar during his childhood. According to the testimony of his mother, Virginia Moré, he manufactured his first instrument with a board and a spool of thread at the age of six. He left school when he was very young, to devote himself to the work of the field.

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Summer with Humor

The Museum of Humor in San Antonio de los Baños is one of the institutions of the municipality that adds several activities to the cultural program of the summer of 2019 in the Ariguanabo to make people laugh and reflect.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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