ZETI Artemisa is National Vanguard

Artemisa, Cuba - The Basic Unit Enterprise for Industrial Technical Services (ZETI) in Artemisa, received the condition of National Vanguard in recognition of its integral performance, for undertaking multiple actions that increased productions quality and put into practice alternatives and innovations that increased performance.

In a ceremony held at the Mausoleum of Artemisa´s Martyrs, Maria Regla Cruz, secretary of the union section of the UEB, recalled that this emerged with the aim of serving the sugar industry in the territory, a task that its workers faced with great responsibility.

According to Iván Domínguez, secretary of the Provincial Bureau of the Sugar Union, thanks to the effort and unity of the UEB, advances are being made in the improvement of machinery and multiple facilities, and efforts are being made to eliminate any problems that may generate delays in the harvest, which causes a positive impact on the motivation of sugar producers.

In addition,Dominguez called on all to redouble their efforts in response to the growing needs of the people, and as a contribution to the economic development of the country.

There were present Felix Cordero, an official of the Provincial Party Committee and Eduardo Antonio Chiong, general secretary of Cuba Workers Federation CTC in the province, among other leaders.


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