Cuba reaches 9 medical doctors per 1 thousand inhabitants

Havana - Cuba has more than 100,000 medical doctors in active practice, the highest figure in its history. With a ratio of 9 doctors per one thousand inhabitants, the island ranks with the countries in the world with the best indicators in this field.

In remarks quoted by the Cuban News Agency (CNA), Public Health minister José Ángel Portal Miranda said that since the triumph of the Revolution, when only three thousand doctors stayed on the island, until the most recent graduation of Havana’s University of Medical Sciences, more than 376 thousand health professionals have been trained in Cuba

They have graduated in the careers of Medicine, Stomatology, Bachelor of Nursing and others like Health Technologies, of which 171,362 are medical doctors.

The minister pointed out that 35,787 foreign students from 141 countries, mainly from Africa and Latin America, have graduated in health specialties from Cuban universities.

“No small developing country has ever been able to accomplish such a feat in terms of training highly specialized human capital,” Portal Miranda stressed.

The Cuban official added that the graduates are the bearers of a high scientific-technical preparation and a humanistic formation that make them qualitatively better, guarantors of the health of the Cuban population and of many other nations of the world.

According to the Public Health minister, the Medical Sciences Universities of the country graduated more than 10,000 professionals this year, of whom 1,535 are from other nationalities.


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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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