A challenge of these times

Artemisa, cuba - Cuba is committed to the development of the Local Self-Supply Program as a way to promote food production. In San Antonio de los Baños, the Agricultural Company and the Comercializadora Acopio Base Enterprise Unit are responsible for guaranteeing the presence of food, according to the demand of the people.

Authorities of both entities report that the enterprise is responsible for planning, so it provides farmers with the necessary inputs in order to achieve quality and varied agricultural productions, through the commercialization of Acopio.

Gerardo Alayón Espinosa, Commercial Management Technician of the UEB, explained about the distribution of products for social consumption, "they must be made available to citizens within a period not exceeding 24 hours." He added that the Education and Health sectors also benefit by providing food to the Iván Portuondo Hospital, the Maternity Home, the Grandparents' House, the dining rooms of the Family Attention System (SAF) and the System of Attention to Workers (SAT).

In the next few days, the Agricultural Company will inaugurate a new Agricultural Market to sell products from the Ariguanabo fields and thus contribute to food and nutritional security; pillars of the program.

As stated by Cuban state authorities, now the goal is to articulate efforts to strengthen local food production systems and ensure that at the territorial level, production and marketing are integrated, so as to meet the needs of the territory with Quality Products.

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