Addressing deterioration of roads and highways

The necessity of making use of technology available within the country to maintain and repair roads, to prevent further deterioration, including possible local strategies that can be implemented on short order, allowing communities to address their own issues, was a key point made by the President during a recent meeting to evaluate the country’s highway program.

The Presidential website reported that, at the end of 2018, more than 9,800 kilometers of roads had received maintenance, although this is insufficient to meet needs, thus the importance of seeking other means to do things differently.

President Miguel Díaz-Canelagain again called for taking advantage of resources available within the country to improve highway infrastructure, in less than optimal condition.

Raúl Díaz Guadarrama, director of the National Road Center, explained that to control road deterioration, provincial entities must carry out essential maintenance such as the restoration of ditches, and clearing of storm sewers.

He stressed that at the end of last year important projects were concluded such as the bridge over the Toa River, in the Guantanamo municipality of Baracoa, while in the province of Sancti Spíritus, the Zaza River bridge was rebuilt, after suffering heavy damage caused by intense rains associated with tropical storm Alberto.

In Context:

The country’s entire network of roads covers 71,138.5km, of which 10,997.8 km are of national interest, 2 303.4km of provincial interest, 32,245km of municipal interest, and 25,592.3 km of specific interest.This total includes 17,167.9 km of urban roads, which are mostly classified as of municipal interest and some 24,000 km classified as of specific interest, mostly affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture or the sugar industry.A total of 5,862 bridges are available, of which 3,620 are located on roads of national interest, 480 on those of provincial interest, 1,140 on those of municipal interest, and 622 on those of specific interest.Some 24% of these roads are considered in good condition, 37% evaluated as acceptable, and 39% in poor condition.

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