Breastfeeding: Life and Love

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from August 1 to 7 under the motto Let's empower ourselves, let's make breastfeeding possible, now and in the future!

The head of the Working Group of the José Hipólito Pazos Polyclinic, Dr. Margarita Mayor Toro, reported that World Breastfeeding Week is aimed at the father's main role in supporting breastfeeding, for the well-being and development of the mother and the baby. In San Antonio de los Baños, it also focuses on the ten steps to achieve a happy and successful breastfeeding.

Mothers and families receive up-to-date information on the advantages of breastfeeding for the future mother and baby, which includes the ten steps to achieve success during this fundamental stage, including information on the need for breastfeeding exclusive up to six months and complemented up to two years. Educational work is constant in all family doctor's offices through talks and conversations with pregnant women in their population area.

Dr. Margarita Mayor; Sol Angel Mesa Pérez, head of the Basic Group and Anabel Rodríguez Gout, head of Nursing, emphasized that the participation of the father in this important period contributes to the fulfillment of one of the ten steps for a happy and successful breastfeeding: the family support.

Statistics reveal that in Cuba millions of children improve their health considerably with breastfeeding. Health specialists state that during the first six months breastfeeding protects against acute urinary and respiratory infections, otitis media, asthma, diarrhea, allergies, diabetes, lymphoma; It reduces the risk of malnutrition, contributes to healthy teeth and prevents oral deformations. Breastfeeding is undoubtedly a guarantee for the health of the baby, a privilege that nature granted to women: an act of life and love.

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