Peruvians Remember Fidel Castro on His 93rd Birthday

Lima - Solidarity activists, political and social leaders and Peruvian professionals graduated in Cuba held a meeting on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Cuban Ambassador to Peru Sergio Gonzalez attended the event, held on Wednesday. He highlighted the historic leadership of Fidel Castro, who led his people to great social achievements in fields such as sports.

Amid the echoes of the recently completed Lima 2019 Pan American Games, Gonzalez highlighted Fidel's vision on the importance of developing sports for the benefit of the people, which paid off once again in the outstanding performance of the Cuban athletes in this recent competition.

Several of the participants in the event who met the Cuban leader recounted their experiences, while Dr. Tracy Sueldo thanked Fidel for the opportunity to study under a scholarship in Cuba.

To conclude the tribute, attendees sang a happy birthday song around a cake dedicated to Fidel Castro.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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