Passion, devotion, effort ...

When summer arrives, a human force is responsible for the enjoyment of those who take advantage of this season to rest. Many people get involved in long working hours so that everyone has a happy summer. Then they appear, those that are often forgotten; however they are important pillars in the sociocultural development of this summer stage in Cuba.

They are art instructors, cultural promoters and sports teachers and activists. People who sometimes spend more than eight hours thinking, working and managing cultural and sports activities in order to offer a healthy recreation in our communities.

There are no extra hours for sleep. Art calls them and they must respond on time. Very early in the morning, they take a bus to go to rural communities such as La Pequeña, La Cañada, El Borgita or the Raúl Hernández Vidal, where the laughter and applause of the children make their hearts feel the joy that the duty has been fulfilled.

Cultural promoters, art instructors and sports activists are devoted professionals, but sometimes their work is undervalued. Believe me when I say that, to make culture and take it to alternative spaces, to remote places where art does not exist, to communities where peopledo not know about theater or dance, and motivate the audience with this artistic product, which is new for them, It is not an easy task.

It is not an easy job to organize street plans, to remember relevant dates and to coordinate activities with the president of the Circumscription and the People's Council in that community that lends us a park or a portal to turn it into the Grand Theater that hosts the theater play, where the scene is illuminated by a single reflector, the sun; where walls, stones, benches and railings turned into seats; So, with those minimum conditions we make art. Only people with a lot of faith can make culture.

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