When "sweet" becomes a disease

Cubans are excessively sweet. I not only refer to the jovial character, but to our food culture that is often at risk.

Sugars, also known as sweeteners, provide energy to the body, but with zero nutritional density. Too much sugar can cause harmful effects, as they constitute a source of empty calories.

Atherosclerotic diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the world and in Cuba. It is claimed that excessive sugar consumption is related to health problems such as: obesity, diabetes mellitus, depletion of B vitamins, tooth decay and hypertriglyceridemia.

Today, many people consume foods made with the harmful combination of fats and sugars. Sweets, chocolates and jams could be some examples, however when we try to reflect on this, there are people who justify, saying indifferently, "What am I going to eat?", "In the end, we are going to die" or "It doesn't matter ».

Health is a personal responsibility that is controlled and monitored, like other issues. In Cuba, as in the rest of the world, there is a system to educate, prevent, diagnose and treat different pathologies, but really the highest percentage of suffering from these diseases is due to irresponsibility.

But what do specialists recommend? Regarding messages, reflections and good practices, we can also find the “stop” that some conditions require, such as those mentioned previously. The main thing: reduce the consumption of sweets, as well as sweetened beverages; preferably consume fresh and natural fruits.

To sweeten your food, preferably use brown sugar or honey; They are healthier. If you are going to prepare fruit jellies or jams, use the same amount of sugar as pulp. For the syrup, prepare, in the case of fruit candies, (a cup of water and a cup of sugar); and for fruits in syrups, (two cups of sugar per a cup of water).

Increasing life expectancy, as healthy as possible, is within our reach. Several factors threaten due to inadequate lifestyles and environmental modifications. When we talk about sugars, let's be judicious. Negative factors can be controlled. Knowing about the origin of these diseases and their preventive measures can mark the beginning of a risk-free life. Start from today, it's worth it.

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