Cuba condemns interference in China´s internal affairs

Hong Kong´s return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 was an act of historic justice and an expression of the peaceful spirit of the People´s Republic of China, despite having been a victim of the imposition of unequal treaties by imperialist powers.

Since then, and with its current status, Hong Kong has been an inseparable part of the People´s Republic of China and has achieved a solid level of development with stability and economic prosperity, based on the successful implementation of the principles of "one China" and "one country, two systems".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns interference in China´s internal affairs, while rejecting any attempt to injure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the People's Republic of China.

Cuba supports the efforts of the Beijing central government and the Hong Kong authorities to reverse this situation, preserve peace and restore stability.

We fully trust in the capacity and wisdom of the Chinese authorities to put an end to these destabilizing events and return to normality.

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