New USD bank accounts

Magdalena Ramírez is one of Artemisa´s inhabitants who can already enjoy services in the commercial establishments enabled for the purchase of electric equipment in USD, backed by Freely Convertible Currency (MLC).

The proximity of the territory to Havana makes people go to the city stores, where household appliances and other high demand goods have been sold since October 28.

Ramírez mentions the purchase of a lithium battery INIZUKI motorcycle, at 1,666 USD. If she had bought it from a citizen traveling to other countries, it would have cost at least 2,200 CUC, without guarantee.

Satisfied with the acquisition, she says that everything will be much more comfortable for her and other persons , when they open the establishments planned for those purposes in the Artemisa province.

In order to make the account, “I only had to go to the Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) with my ID card, and I could have done it in the Popular Savings Bank (BPA). It was very fast: in less than 72 hours I already had my card, and I was ready for the first purchase. ”

Bandec has 11 entities in Artemisa province , and in each one its workers were trained to face the high audience that the new offer brings about .

It was confirmed by Miguel Abi-Rashed Ríos, deputy provincial director, who ensures that the card order is carried out with great agility, and they have not received complaints from customers due mistreatment or inefficiency.

These USD accounts, associated with the magnetic card, can be operated individually (only by the car holder) or by more than one holder), each with his card handling the same bank account, but in this case, everyone's presence is required for opening.

Abi - Rashed Ríos emphasizes that a 10- percent tax is applied to operations when a cash deposit of US dollars is made, in accordance with the provisions of resolutions 65/2003 and 80/2004, for the risk which implies, for our blocked country, working with that currency.

This is not the case with electronically US dollars tranfers , as they are tax free.

Regarding ATM´s money withdrawals , customers should know that the exchange rate on the current day is applied to cash withdrawal - in CUC. It is also clarified that the acquisition of USD or other MLC will be in correspondence with the availability in banks.

In order to make the process easier , Bandec allows its regular customers to request account online. The provincial deputy director explains that the availability is made effective through the KIOSCO web channel ( Once on the site, it is identified with its PIN(Personal Identification Number) and Multibanca card.

This is an easy and fast way, which does not require your physical presence in the bank, Rios says.

The USD accounts associated with magnetic cards backed by MLC, allow the purchase of goods in currencies, as part of the strategy to get those currencies and contribute to the the country´s socioeconomic development .


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