Audios linking opposition with former military and U.S. officials in coup plans found in Bolivia

La Paz - The Radio Education Network of Bolivia (Erbol) has leaked 16 audios involving opposition leaders who are calling for a coup d'etat against the government of President Evo Morales, a political action which would have been coordinated from the U.S. embassy in the Andean country.

Among those mentioned in the audios are U.S. senators Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz, who have maintained contact with the Bolivian opposition in order to achieve a regime change in the South American country.

The audios also reveal participation in the political conspiracy of the former prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, who was accused of corruption in 2009 and fled Bolivia to seek asylum in the United States, where he is currently living.​​​​​​​

In their recorded conspiracy plans, Bolivian politicians also mention​​​​​​​ a former Bolivian president whose name is not explicitly mentioned, former New Republican Force lawmaker Mauricio Muñoz and former Army officers Oscar Pacello, Remberto Siles, Julio Maldonado and Teobaldo Cardozo.​​​​​​​

The Erbol-leaked audios also mention calls from opposition leaders to burn government party structures and to put together a general strike across the country.

All these ​​​​​​​actions, which were expected to be advertised as based on social unrest​​​​​​​, would be part of the response to the triumph of Evo Morales in the last presidential elections​​​​​​​.  The opposition plans also included an attack against the Cuban Embassy in La Paz, very similar to what happened in the attempted coup against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 2002.

So far, none of the opposition leaders in Bolivia has commented about the leaked audios.​​​​​​​

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# oak 2019-11-13 17:01
Tried to listen to the files at dropbox, but it is impossible to access those 16 audio files to listen as to whether Rubio, Mendoza, and Cruz are involved. I do not want to depend on a translation from the Cuban press, even if accurate, because most Americans will not trust them. Someone needs to get the files onto soundcloud or something so that the world can listen and we can get some neutral third parties to translate the audios.
thank you.


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