Evo Morales arrives in Mexico and insists he will continue fighting

Mexico - 'My ideology remains unchanged despite the coup d'état and the most important thing is that I am alive to continue the fight,' Bolivia's former president Evo Morales said on his arrival in Mexico this Tuesday.

Morales descended from the plane in the company of former vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera and health personnel.

In his brief statements, Morales gave details of the coup d'état following his electoral triumph on October 20.

'We are now three weeks into the last stage of the civic political coup joined by the national police,' he said.

Morales denounced the savagery of the coup plotters, who in those three weeks burned courts, theaters, union headquarters, houses of authorities of the Movement Towards Socialism, looted his sister's house and even his own residence in Cochabamba.

The former ruler expressed gratitude for the role played by the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and all the efforts made by Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

He stressed that thanks to them they were able to preserve their lives because of the threats of the coup plotters, who even offered to pay 50,000 dollars for their heads.

'As long as I live, I will continue in politics, I will continue fighting, and we are certain that the peoples of the world have the right to free themselves and they will,' Morales said, visibly moved.

'I thought,' he added, 'that we had finished this stage of oppression, but I can see now we had not,' and he immediately accused the enemies of the country for promoting the coup.

Morales repeated that his only crime is to be an indigenous person and to have fought and worked for the welfare of the people, especially the poorest in Bolivia.

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