Venezuela denounces invasion of embassy in Brazil by right-wing groups

Caracas - Venezuela has denounced that its embassy in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was invaded by right-wing opponents of Nicolas Maduro during the early morning hours of Wednesday.

In a statement from Caracas, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza held the government of President Jair Bolsonaro responsible.   Venezuela's top diplomat warned about the seriousness of the invasion, which he described as a grave international precedent.  "We denounce that the facilities of our embassy in Brasilia were forcibly invaded at dawn.  We hold the Government of Brazil responsible for the safety of our personnel and facilities.  We demand respect for the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations," Arreaza wrote on Twitter.

According to local media, about 20 people entered areas of the Venezuelan embassy, after jumping over a wall surrounding the builing and positioned themselves at the entrance of the embassy.  There are reports that the group is made up of both Brazilians and right-wing Venezuelans who live in Brazil.

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