Male nurse, to the bar

Sometimes life holds strange turns in a person´s fate . There is the one who wanted to be a doctor, and ends up as a Telecommunications engineer. For others, due to destiny one university career leads to the next and, in the constant desire to fulfill their goals , they end up having various professions. This happened to Yasmany Suárez Arango.

“When I was in the Military Service, I was offered several university studies . I chose Radioelectronic Exploration. ” Upon graduation, he worked as a Military Intelligence specialist in Habana del Este township for three years.

“I wanted to return to Artemisa. Since my career had a high computational component, I started working at the Medicine School in the Security Information vacancy and due to an offer for workers´s training , I began studying technician in Nursing ”.

The life of this young boy began this way .At 24 he attended the first year of a career that he had always preferred.

Yasmany had attended several bartender courses and, when the House of Music in Artemisa began , in 2017, he did not hesitate to apply for , although this job had nothing to do with Medicine.

“I have worked in the House Of Music since the first day , with all pride. My studies never prevented me from doing my best at the bar or in the operation room . Of course, I have appealed to a lot of internal will so as not to fail in both jobs , ”Yasmany says.

As a waiter, bartender or cashier, he does not distinguish any preference, because his mission is always to provide an excellent service according to this institution.

“I've always been very shy. In the House of Music I have learned to develop more and deal with people. In addition, humorists almost always mess with me because I am very thin (he smiles), and that makes me be relaxed , smile and let them tease me without getting angry . ”

Artemisa House of Music is about to turn three years after its inauguration, and the rhythm of work rewards, from time to time, the best workers. For Yasmany's happiness, he was chosen the most comprehensive of that workplace in the first half of 2019.

“It is a commitment, because being the best leads a service of excellence and that each client served is satisfied, not with my service, but with that provided in the House of Music.

“Many times, especially when I was studying, some clients spent nights here and then, as patients, I was treated for the 'hangover' at Ciro Redondo Hospital. They always asked me if I had a twin brother who worked at the House of Music; there my explanation began : I am hired there. ”

After four years, Yasmany turned out to be the best graduate of nursing of the 11 municipalities. “With so much hustle and bustle, I never thought to be the first ranks of the province and the most integral student.”

Undoubtedly, this year he has given Yasmany and his family too much joy , they called him crazy, but they supported him every day.
This male nurse works in the operating room with the same precision that a good drink requires. He is a boy who is passionate about syringes and bars, a male nurse at the bar: a professional in both places and the example that multi-employment is a successful choice for those who have more than one skill in life.


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