International meeting on Agroecology gets underway in Artemisa Province

Artemisa - The 7th International Meeting of Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperativism is starting on Monday in the province of Artemisa with the participation of some 140 delegates from 26 countries.

This forum, sponsored by the National Association of Small Farmers, has as its primary purpose to promote the exchange on sustainable food production through agroecological practices.

The most significant representations come from the United States and Puerto Rico, with 40 and 20 delegates, respectively.

According to its organizers, the event, held at the Niceto Pérez Integral Center in Güira de Melena, includes tours of farms and cooperatives in Artemisa, Mayabeque and Havana provinces, that will showcase advances in agroecology, sustainable agriculture, and cooperativism.

In addition to visits to farms, the event includes the panel Agroecology, Challenges, and Challenges for Youth.

It also includes the inauguration of the exhibition Agroecology and Food Sovereignty.

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