Venezuela continues to face economic warfare

Caracas - Venezuela has been subject to a brutal war in the economic field for several years and there is national awareness of this continue situation, President Nicolas Maduro stated.

During a special interview, offered to journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, Maduro explained that the nation has seen different stages of this economic war, in which the government prioritizes and guarantees the people's needs.

Referring to US persecution, the president pointed out the obstacles to state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, selling crude oil, including prohibitions on shipping companies transporting goods to and from the Bolivarian nation.

However, he emphasized the commitment to defend peace and stability, despite the attacks on the country, while ensuring the self-regulation of the economy, until reaching a productive recovery.

Maduro also stressed that despite the US government's attempts to discredit the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela has resisted the global media campaign.

On the other hand, the head of State explained that more than 47 attempts to attract officers from Colombia to try to steal missiles from Venezuela and annul fixed and mobile radar systems, as well as torpedoes and missile defense systems of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), were discovered in recent months.

On referring to the coup d'état in Bolivia, he denounced that the Bolivian rightwing and the US administration of Donald Trump had planned to assassinate Evo Morales, an order given to a paramilitary group in Santa Cruz and another in Potosi.

All these actions were planned from the US Embassy in Bolivia, directly ordered by Trump, which is why Morales was forced to resign and take exile in Mexico, Maduro said.

He also stated that thanks to the efforts by the Puebla Group, Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez, and his Mexican peer Andres Lopez Obrador; the legitimate president of Bolivia was taken to Mexico to save his life and prevent more violence in his country.

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