Love for teaching

Artemisa, Cuba - The circle of interest of Pedagogy is part of the Vocational Training and Professional Guidance Strategy designed at Julio Antonio Mella Elementary School, in San Antonio de los Baños.

The teacher Lismari Marín Falcón, instructor of the circle of interest, explained that as part of the Institutional Educational Project, this circle of interest is made up of fifth graders. Its main objective is to instill in students the love for teaching.

According to Marín Falcón, the Pedagogy circle of interest program was prepared based on the diagnosis and the characteristics of the center. The opening theme was Pedagogy as Science, which will be followed by others including: Children's Pedagogy, Great Cuban Pedagogues, Marti Maestro.

Lismari Marín Falcón, with three years of experience as a primary teacher, has already been selected outstanding teacher at the Ariguanabo. This young woman with her daily work and devotion to her profession, develops in her students the love for teaching.

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