Criminal accusation against Morales confirms persecution in Bolivia

La Paz - The right wing of Bolivia presented on Monday a criminal accusation against legitimate President Evo Morales, in the midst of the repression unleashed by the de facto authorities against popular sectors opposed to the coup d'état.

Congressman for the Democratic Unity party, Rafael Quispe, and lawyer Omar Durán filed on Monday before the Public Ministry an accusation against the deposed president for alleged crimes of terrorism, armed uprising, and public incitement to commit a crime, among others.

The move seeks to hold Morales responsible for the huge protests by workers, rural residents and indigenous movements against the civic-military coup and in rejection of the government of self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Añez.

According to the accusation, since his arrival in Mexico after taking up Mexico's offer of political asylum, through interviews with the press and publications on social networks, Evo Morales 'incites hatred, violence, discrimination, acts of racism and sedition,' as reported by Fides News Agency.

Morales resigned as president of the South American nation on November 10 to prevent a resurgence of attacks perpetrated by sectors of the Bolivian far-right against popular sectors and members of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

Unlike the position adopted by the overthrown president of advocating peace to solve the crisis, the de facto government unleashed a violent wave of repression, to the extent of issuing a decree that exempts the military from criminal responsibility in controlling the ensuing demonstrations.

The measure joins the disbursement of multi-million sums for the purchase of additional equipment for the Armed Forces, as well as the creation of a special organism in charge of arresting MAS legislators who commit alleged subversive acts and sedition.

'Instead of pacification, they order defamation and repression against brothers and sisters in the countryside who denounce the coup d'état. After massacring 24 indigenous people, they are now preparing a State of Siege. It would be the confirmation that by asking for democracy they installed a dictatorship,' Morales denounced on Twitter.

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