Spanish contest awards Reinier del Pino

One of the young literary talents from Artemisa province , Reinier del Pino Cejas from Caimito township , won the Prize of Short Stories First Literary Contest Cocemfe Cáceres, in Spain, through his work One day of these.

The winning work of the contest, sponsored by the Federation of Associations of Physical and Organic Disabilities of Cáceres, tells the story of a person who gets up in the morning and, from his departure from home, receives the condescending help of those he finds on his way , as if he were an unskilled peson, but the story will give us a very different side of this character.

Reinier del Pino, journalist, broadcaster, narrator, poet and decimist, is part of the staff of Radio Artemisa provincial radio station.He is a collaborator to the rest of the media and has been distinguished in dozens of international competitions, organized in countries like Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, as well as others in Cuba.

Among these contests it is worth to mention: the First Place in the Literary Fair of San Ginés de la Jara, in Murcia; the first place in the Fifth Enrique Segovia Rocaberti Contest, for children's fables and Hacia Itaca International Essay Award, in Argentina, as well as the Sonnet Festival Prize, by the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba( UNEAC) in Artemisa.

Del Pino was one of the graduates of the First Course of Narrative Techniques of the Uneac Cirilo Villaverde, taught by professor and narrator Luis Carmona.

Translation by LMMS

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