Firefighters certify Juarez theater and La Prueba

In previous issues ,el artemiseño newspaper has addressed the state of several works that could change Artemisa ´s outlook as the province capital city . This is the case of Juarez Theater and La Prueba cultural center, belonging to the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property (FCBC), both still closed.

The two places underwent a certification process of the systems required by the Fire Department, according to the standards established at the national level.

Captain Osvaldo Musibay Figueroa, responsible for Investments in the Fire Department of the province, explained that “in the theater the investment process was violated, because they did not ask for our specialists service in a first stage; that brought about the requests of the firemen were not fulfilled as the work advanced.

“The construction stopped several times because it did not match the required regulations. Then construction continued there is a report in our offices about it , ”Osvaldo added.

The automatic fire detection system, fire extinguishers, physical earth and lightning rods are now certified. “I cannot specify the date, but several months ago they were installed; there was a lack of agreement between the factors to guarantee the applied infrastructure ”.

Hatchways system is also important issue, for which firefighters propose a less expensive alternative that can be completed quickly. “The opening of windows on the top and / or the sides was approved, as smoke ventilation systems, although it is not the proper one.

“The request matches to what is stated in the Cinemas and Theaters Standard and the Fire Water Standard; both must be applied, because they are safety measures and guarantee human life. ”

The officer confirmed that the emergency lighting and signaling circuit and the fire water system need to be installed, the latter planned for a second stage in the medium term, once the theater has been opened.

The same happens to La Prueba cultural center . "That place is ready , but the investor needed to call SEISA, the Fire Protection Agency and the Fire Department in time to certify the correct functioning of the systems," Osaldo said.

With all checked devices to provide security to the facility and visitors, only some details are left so that two renewed places offer cultural activities in the capital city.


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