Fifty years telling stories

The Los Cuenteros Puppet Theater Company  celebrated its 50th anniversary this November 19 at the Museum of Humor, located in San Antonio de los Baños, with the exhibition ''Fifty years telling stories''. The exhibition shows photographs, puppets and costumes used by Los Cuenteros in various performances since 1969.

A panel of experts including René Fernández (playwright), Julio Cordero (theater director), Roberto Gacio (researcher), Malawy Capote (director of Los Cuenteros), led by Blanca Felipe Rivero (theater advisor) shared data on the artistic career of the group, emphasizing the work carried out by Julio Capote and Felix Dardo (theater directors), who will mark the theater aesthetics of puppeteers.

The the group's spectacular performance, marked by collective emotions and technical surprises, from the puppet's possibilities, was also recognized. The company's creators Graciela González, Rosenio Perdomo, Raúl Hernández and other founders were honored.

The Los Cuenteros Puppet Theater Company was founded on November 19, 1969 in San Antonio de los Baños, province of Artemisa. It is one of the most important groups formed by the First National School of Children's Theater.

Several awards endorse the trajectory of this group including, Animation and Music Awards and Critics Award Villanueva. They have represented Cuba at International Festivals in Segovia and Éibar, Spain. They also have distinctions such as the Illustrious Children of the Villa del Humor, National Vanguards (for 20 years), The Golden Age Centennial Distinction, Juan Marinello Order and Artistic Unit of the People and for the People.

Representatives from the municipal, provincial and national Culture sector attended the ceremony. The exhibition ''Fifty years telling stories'' will be exhibited at the Museum of Humor until November 25, 2019.

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