Sustainable and healthy agriculture

Artemisa, Cuba - San Antonio de los Baños was among the routes of the representatives of the International Meeting on Agroecology taking place in the province of Artemisa.

Foreign delegates visited the Ariguanabo Marti Forest, where they learned anecdotes about the history of Cuba and admired the natural landscape created by Felo. During the visit, the Apostle was honored when a pine tree was planted in reference to the Los Pinos Nuevos speech by José Martí.

They also toured the La Corina and La Felicia farms belonging to the Jesús Menéndez and Reynaldo Pérez cooperatives, specialized in the production of fruit trees, ornamental plants and various crops.

During the meeting, the participants exchanged experiences aimed at strengthening learning about conventional crop techniques with natural fertilizer based on vermiculture, free of chemicals and synthetic products that usually damage crops and deteriorate the ecosystem.

At the end of the tour, reference was made to the importance of expanding agricultural knowledge in terms of sustainable and healthy agriculture.


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