Idalis Ortiz placed Cuba ninth in 2019 Osaka Judo Grand Slam

Havana, Cuba - Idalis Ortiz placed Cuba ninth in the IJF Osaka Grand Slam 2019, in Japan, after winning the silver medal, in a tournament widely dominated by the hosts, who earned 11 out of the 14 titles in dispute.

According to the website of the contest, Ortiz lost in the final of the women´s +78 kg division to local Akira Sone by Ippon in Golden Score and thus the latter repeated the outcome achieved over the leader of the global ranking in the World Championship this same year.

Three other Cubans, men Ivan Silva (90) and Andy Granda (+100) and woman Kaliema Antomarchi (78) saw action on Sunday, but none of them could climb to the podium.

The latter finished seventh and earned 260 points for the Olympic ranking where she currently appears fourth, but Silva debuted winning to then lose in his second bout, while Granda lost in his debut.

The other six Cubans registered in the tournament were Maylin del Toro (63), who ranked fifth place, while men Orlando Polanco (66), Osniel Solis (66), Magdiel Estrada (73) and women Onix Cortes (70) and Arnaes Odelin (57) all lost in their first fights.

After these results, Cuba finished ninth in the medal table that was headed by Japan with 11 gold, 8 silver and 15 bronze medals, followed by France (1-0-1), Russia (1-0-1) and Georgia (1-0-0), as the four nations that won titles.

The IJF Osaka Grand Slam 2019 was attended by 481 athletes, 275 men and 206 women, from 87 countries in search of points for the world and Olympic rankings.

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