President Fernandez summons the unit of all Argentina

Buenos Aires - The new president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, summoned today the unit of the whole country in a fraternal and caring social contract, after stressing that 'it is time to embrace those who are different.'

During the speech, the first one after being invested, in the heat of a full National Congress, the president who arrived to stand up to this southern nation, shaken by an economic crisis, claimed his democratic commitment that guarantees coexistence in all respect.

Fernandez said that today, December 10, is not an ordinary day, the moment in which Argentina buried the cruelest of dictatorships is celebrated. 36 years ago Raul Alfonsin assumed the presidency and gave us back the institutionalism that we had lost, he expressed among ovations.

With a speech against fissures, he called to embrace those who are different, to fight for a solidarity country, and stressed that in these times of social emergency we must start with the last ones to be able to reach the others later.

I summon them without distinction to put Argentina on its feet so that it begins to walk towards development with social justice, said the president number nine after the return to democracy, who advocated closing 'the deep wounds that we suffer today, which need to be cured with time, tranquility and humanity.'

During his message, the former chief of staff of Nestor Kirchner called to tear down several walls that today separate the Argentines and to overcome the wall of resentment and hatred first.

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Cuba, a country with creative spirit

Las Tunas - Art education is undoubtedly one of the Cuban Revolution’s most significant achievements, and a treasure that must be preserved, which is why, as part of his visit to the province, the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, toured the Cucalambé Professional Art School, and interacted with students and teachers there.

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''With their own hands''

The José Rafael Lauzán municipal museum in San Antonio de los Baños exhibits handicrafts made by children with special educational needs from the 17 de Abril school.

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Buena Honda festival in Artemisa

Buena Honda festival from January 9 to 12, will have its opening with a gala, in Juarez theater, to celebrate nine years of Artemisa province´s creation , and continues in Mariel township , which will host the central activities.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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