Mexican Chamber of Deputies Demands U.S. End Blockade of Cuba

Mexico - The Mexican Chamber of Deputies demanded the elimination of the commercial, economic and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba.

The proposal for this agreement was presented by the Directive Board of the 64th Legislature of the Chamber based on the provisions of the Organic Law of the Congress and in compliance with the Mexican government's position of rejecting unilateral measures that contradict international law, reported Prensa Latina.

The approved text states that the Chamber of Deputies asks the U.S. Congress to end the commercial, economic and financial blockade against Cuba and reiterates that it will protect Mexican companies that decide to invest in the island.

It adds that this provision is based on the principles of Mexico's foreign policy, which is based on the self-determination of peoples, non-intervention, the peaceful settlement of disputes, the prohibition of the threat or use of force in international relations.

The Mexican deputies denounce that the Cuban health system is one of the most affected because the country cannot access medicines, reagents, spare parts for diagnostic equipment, medical instruments and other necessary supplies for medical attention.

It is estimated that the economic losses suffered by Cuba during the six decades of the blockade amount to 138,843.4 million dollars at current prices.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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