Urban Agriculture in 2019

Artemisa, Cuba - San Antonio de los Baños got ready during 2019 for the tours of the National Group of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, which took place approximately every four months.

In all the Group's tours, the municipality obtained 'Good Evaluation', above 90 points, placing the Ariguanabo among the top positions in the agricultural sector, within the province of Artemisa. The production of vegetables was highlighted, since organic farms were affected due to the breakage of the water pump, however techniques such as manual irrigation for planting were used.

According to Yaima Hernández, director of the Granja Urbana, in September the Los Combatientes point of sale was inaugurated for the sale of canned fruits, tomato pastes and agricultural products. Another of the development tasks carried out in the territory is the construction of the Base Business Unit office, UEB Granja Urbana.

It also highlights the Farmer's Store, with National Reference Category, in which the supplies required for their work are sold, including seeds, machetes, watering cans, among others.

Priority was given to the small cattle subprogram, related to the breeding of goats, rams and rabbits, as well as to the preparation of land for the new campaign of sowing medicinal plants in the  Finca de Semillas. The annual plan was fulfilled, standing out among the main varieties: aloe, paciflora, oregano, Japanese mint, linden and chamomile.

In general, a summary of the work of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture was made, but there is still more work to be done to supply the the territory's points of sale  and the prioritized centers of the Public Health and Education sectors, with greater variety and quality.

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