President of Venezuela promises great change in 2020

Caracas - In 2020, a great change is coming in Venezuela because a force is rising to renew the National Assembly, President Nicolás Maduro said today.

During an interview with journalist Ignacio Ramonet, Maduro reaffirmed there will be parliamentary elections and recalled all the actions of the right to boycott them, in addition to violations of the institutional framework by the current parliament which continues to be in contempt.

'They have used the Assembly to conspire, to economically damage Venezuela, to try to impose a coup d'état, to call for a foreign invasion by the US empire and its allies,' Maduro said.

He stressed how all polls show this majority opposition parliament has been a failure, useless for the interests of the country.

The head of state acknowledged before the former editor-in-chief of Le Monde Diplomatique, the progress made through the National Dialogue Table established thanks to agreements between the government and some sectors of the opposition.

'Remember that we were robbed, this year 2019, of about 30 billion dollars, by the United States government and its domestic accomplices, the Venezuelan fascist right,' he stressed.

Despite this, Venezuela managed to deliver three million homes, maintained free public education, as well as the distribution of medicines in the midst of a naval and air blockade, which prevents resources from entering the country.

I can give you specific information, Maduro told Ramonet, noting that over 75 percent of national budget allocations were maintained for social investment in housing, education, health, culture, food, and the social rights of the people.

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New titles of the Unicorn publishing house will be present at Artemisa Book Fair

Artemisa, Cuba - From March 12 to 15 during the International Book Fair in the province of Artemisa, the Unicorn publishing house will present 13 new titles, as announced its director, Tania Villavicencio Álvarez.

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Matanzas will host International Puppet Workshop in April

The 14th International Puppet Workshop of Matanzas will take place from April 21st to 26th, as the organizers confirmed.

A total of 17 Cuban troupes and several foreign ones will appear on stage, said Rosmary Marrero, main specialist in Promotion and Public Relations of the Provincial Center of Performing Arts of Matanzas (CPAEM).

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Raul Castro extols Cuban Children's Company La Colmenita's work

Havana - As a demonstration of the culture strength in defense of the Homeland as the bravest of soldiers, Raul Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, described the work of La Colmenita Children's Company.

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