Passengers and goods on rails

Artemisa, Cuba - The repair of a locomotive that had not functioned for years and the maintenance of container ships used in the Mariel Terminal stand out among the actions of railway workers to pay tribute to their anniversary, celebrated on January 29th.

Miguel Marrero Rodríguez, deputy director of Ferrocarriles Artemisa enterprise , said they prepare a Loading and Unloading Center for the transportation of pipes of different diameters for hydraulic network, and plan to be inserted into the Special Development Zone (ZEDM) with a new company that will provide the usual and other services such as transfer of containers and workers from user entities.

“We got three new Russian locomotives used on ZEDM freight and passenger trains from our intermodal station, and we also transport the rest of the population. We also have 14 plates for shifting tiles, metals and other materials. ”

Two remotorized wagons add to the activity of the sector in the territory; meanwhile, two pairs of trains continue to run along the Mariel line, which cross Guanajay, Caimito and Bauta, from and to Havana city.

Likewise, those from Artemisa leave daily for the capital and vice versa, and although the one in San Antonio de los Baños was out of service due to technical problems of the wagons , it has already offer service twice a day.

About Pinar del Río´s train , the manager explained that it works, “but today it does not pass through Güira de Melena or Alquzar townships due to hydraulic works in the South Basin. As soon as work is finished, the itinerary will be restored ”. Four José María Pérez Capote medals for workers with 20 and 25 years of service in this sector , prestige more than 300 Artemisa railroads workers , involved in the sugar harvest since the establishment of 30 de Noviembre sugar mill and very important for the country´s economy .


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