Expectations in Italy before evolution of COVID-19

Rome - The Italian government is preparing to enact new measures to face the emergency in hopes of reaching a turning point in the epidemic of the coronavirus in the next few days.

According to various media publications, the provisions will include recommendations such as avoiding handshakes, kisses and hugs, keeping a safe distance from other people and movement restrictions for those over 75, and 65 in cases of chronic conditions.

For those belonging to these age groups and other younger people affected by diseases that make them more vulnerable to the virus, it is suggested to avoid crowded places and the use of mass public transportation.

It is expected that the proposals made by the scientists will bring to the whole country the suspension for a period of 30 days of activities and manifestations of different nature, including sports, in which a distance of at least one meter between participants is not kept.

The number of patients affected in Italy by COVID-19 in the last hours amounted to 79 deaths and 2.263 infected, according to the national head of the Department of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli.

In response to a question about the likely development of the emergency situation in the coming few days and new measures to address it, he said that 'none of us can be sure of what the successive evolution will be', and added that there are plans to act in correspondence with various scenarios.

This two-week period will begin starting with the enactment of the regulations implemented to contain the spread of the two epidemic outbreaks detected in Lombardy and Veneto on last February 21st.

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