Protesters condemn Jeanine Añez's stance on repression in Bolivia

La Paz - Hundreds of protesters gathered in El Alto city to condemn the evasive stance of self-proclaimed Bolivia's interim President Jeanine Añez, on police repression of which they were victims.

Upon arriving in El Alto on Thursday to participate in the honor session of the Municipal Council in tribute to the 35 years of the establishment of that city, the de facto Bolivian president was booed by a crowd which had been demanding justice for the victims of the Senkata massacre since November 19 2019.

News report that Añez arrived in the event, held at the Raul Salmon de la Barra Theater, located at the Mayor's Office, amid high security measures, while demonstrators held posters reading 'killer out'.

The inhabitants of the city adjacent to La Paz accuse the interim president of being the main responsible for the 10 dead, 65 wounded and dozens of detainees resulting from the forced eviction of the people who blocked the Senkata gas plant in support of toppled President Evo Morales.

Faced with this scenario, Añez began her speech at the event promising an investment of US$100 million in favor of that city, without mentioning the Thursday repression actions, after which about 100 children from the 25 de Julio School were affected by tear gas.

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