Bolivian political party MAS presents legal recourse in support of Evo Morales

In Bolivia, the second constitutional chamber of the Bolivian Plurinational Constitutional Court, will hold a hearing to consider a legal appeal proposed by the Movement to Socialism Party in favor of the candidacy of Evo Morales.

Evo Morales, who was forced to leave the Bolivian presidency because of a coup d'état, has been recommended as a senatorial candidate by the leftist party. This candidacy would make him eligible to run in the state of Cochabamba.

MAS delegate Melvis Siñani said that it is possible to reverse the Supreme Electoral Tribunal’s disqualification on this motion. According to Siñani, his legal team presented the legal appeal on March 13 and requested the hearing in which it will be considered if  Morales can present his candidacy. 

On February 20, the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal disqualified Evo Morales' candidacy due to his political refuge in Argentina. The former president's new location is a consequence of the coup d'état. Among other arguments in favor of the indigenous leader, Siñani explained the Bolivian constitution and its paragraph 024/2018 could legally cover this option.

On March 15, TSE disqualified more than 417,000 voters, mostly in the states of Cochabamba and La Paz, where Morales' party has the largest following.  These measures were announced by the president of the Tribunal, Salvador Romero, who was appointed by the de facto president, Jeanine Áñez.  This is another strategy to limit the political possibilities of Evo Morales.

Bolivian citizens who were affected by this measure can claim for a re-instauration on the Voters' Register until March 22.  The next Bolivian elections will be on May 3rd. 

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