Mexico assesses Covid-19 prognoses for the country

Mexico - Mexico might reach the number of 700 thousand severely infected with Covid-19, the Panamerican Health Organization warned.

Ricardo Cortes, Director General of Health Promotion, said that the Panamerican Health Organization adjusted for Mexico the degree of severity and lethality of Covid-19, from half a million to 700 thousand at the peak of the epidemic.

He explained that the PHO made the adjustment based on the lethality reported in China, due to the high indexes of obesity and diabetes, chronic and degenerative illnesses that can worsen the state of health in the infected.

The lethality rate will be greater than the 0.1 percent rate among China's population, and calculations for Mexico place it at 1.2 percent, said Cortes, who recognized the estimate was made accounting for 130 million Mexicans.

'Surely, if we are closet o being the country with the greatest obesity index, it will be a greater risk, especially if morbidly obese people are at a greater risk of complication if they become infected with Covid-19', he said.

So far, he said, there are 316 positive cases of coronavirus in the country, of which three are severe, and two have died.

He said that the 'National Program of Healthy Distance', which will last 14 days. Phone lines will be enabled in 32 states to address any worries.

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