Cuban Foreign Minister calls for joint efforts against Covid-19

Havana - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today called for a joint effort to strengthen solidarity and international cooperation to address the Covid-19, which threatens the lives of all.

'Humanity faces a common challenge. This pandemic does not respect borders or ideologies. It threatens the lives of all and it is everyone's responsibility to address it,' he wrote on Twitter, adding that it is necessary to work together.

This message was reiterated yesterday in his speech at the Virtual Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on Health Issues for the Containment and Monitoring of the new disease.

Rodriguez said that his country provides its modest cooperation to those who request it and is willing to continue doing so, and affirmed that Our America can emerge victorious supported by solidarity and unity in diversity.

He pointed out that in this context political differences must be set aside, to make way for the joint search for the necessary answers, without expecting miraculous aid from the developed North.

The official said that 'it is inadmissible that some of our countries have to resist the application of arbitrary unilateral coercive measures', such as those imposed by the United States against Nicaragua and Venezuela, from which he demanded an immediate end.

He also rejected the accusation presented by the U.S. Department of Justice against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other leaders of that country, 'which is based on rude lies.

The Cuban foreign minister condemned the campaign of discredit by the U.S. government against the island's medical cooperation and said that the recent messages from the State Department will not stop the humanist vocation of his nation.

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