Artemisa´s doctors healing the world

No one imagines the pain of others until they see the moving images of doctors hugging each other or with an uncontrollable cry for not being able to do more. The first photos of Wuhan's nurses touched us all. Also the snapshot of Jiang Wenyang, the doctor portrayed in the bed of an empty ward in Wuchang Temporary Hospital, who became a signal of sacrifice.

Cuba, adapted to being the small nation that comes out to save the world when the situation is worse, did not hesitate to send our best professionals available to Lombardy,Italy.

There are two Artemisa´s doctor in Lombardia, although they are considered heroes in white coats. The heart freezes when we imagine them so close to danger, but we relief to see the calm they show when they communicate and know they have the necessary protection means to be safe.

"We are concerned, but he was also already on the Cuban mission to fight Ebola and returned well, it will not be different this time," said Laura Acosta in a phone call , mother of two young men and wife of Luis Enrique Lemus Padrón, general doctor in Güira de Melena polyclinic and member of Henry Reeve medical brigade in Italy.

Luis, better known as Fabu or Ebola killer by his colleagues and fellow countrymen, is working at Lombardy field hospital.

"There are 32 beds here," he tells me. There is a lot of tension in the staff, because the situation is difficult and we are in the most dangerous area, but our mission is to lower the case fatality rate. We came to prevent people from dying, and I am confident in our skill to do so, ”he wrote in a Facebook chat.

“I like the adrenaline, difficult moments ; we all can do easy things. I risk myself for preserving humanity because it constitutes what is truly important; This virus will not be able to defeat humans ", he commented.

But Fabu, Cuban at last, the love for the elderly has him rooted in the soul like blood in the veins. “We are dealing with very old patients. We assisted a 94-year-old with advanced disease and associated pathologies, which complicates his health, ”he told me last March 26 with melancholy.

His luck was not having cared for infants so far. "It is more sentimental to treat children." I imagined that, because how the disease´s mortality is explained to a child, that he should not play and if he is sick it is not his fault, because perhaps the tube he touched in the subway was contaminated.

Meanwhile, Fabu shares a room with Lariel Laza Cárdenas, an Artemisa man nurse from Bahía Honda -also Ebola fighter -, although he confesses “we hardly see each other due to the intense work routine ; he is also in the field hospital. "

On the other side of the world, in Dukhan, Qatar, we find Rafael Rodríguez Pereira, one of 753 Artemisa health professionals offering service in 33 countries. He only works on medical guard for the time being.

“I am at home, controlled, alone and safe. I just go out looking for food and on duty days. Everything is closed and nobody on the street; extreme protection measures work, because there is a lot of panic, "says San Cristobal´s Second Degree Specialist in Anesthesia and Reanimation, who puts Cuban medicine on high far from his family and his country

A few days ago he was close to the coronavirus. "Although Cuban hospital in Dukhan sends COVID 19 patients to other centers where there are also Cubans, we performed a cesarean section on a pregnant woman who lived with positive cases in her family, but we took all protective measures."

The important thing is that Artemisa's blood is on top of the world and continues to shine on the flag of the lone star, because wherever Cuban doctors go there are victory, strength and the invincible people, such as the arrow healer of the Greek goddess who brought together courage and smile to save the most difficult wars.


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