Cuba reports 17 new Covid-19 cases amounting to 1,685 afflicted

Havana - Cuba's Ministry of Public Health reported this Tuesday 17 new Covid-19 cases for a total amounting to 1,685 afflicted and 69 deaths.

Dr. Francisco Duran, director of Epidemiology of that entity, noted there were no deaths on Monday.

The latest infected are all Cubans, specified the doctor on the daily press briefing to update on the impact of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus in the country.

According to Duran, ten of these patients were contacts of previous cases, experts did not figure out the source of infection of seven, and eight were asymptomatic.

Yesterday, he explained, 2,267 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical-epidemiological surveillance, and another 6,447 people are being watched at home from Primary Health Care.

Also, on Monday, 2,169 cases were studied to search for the Covid-19 disease, caused by SARS-Cov-2 virus, summing up 57, 711 samples collected so far.

Meanwhile, Duran pointed out that of the patients diagnosed with the disease, 652 present stable clinical evolution, there are 954 recoveries, two evacuated to their countries of origin, three in critical condition and five serious.

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