China to expand funds to world initiatives against SARS-CoV-2

Beijing - China pledged to grow funding for multiple international initiatives to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and strengthen cooperation in health in order to thwart crises like the current one, the press reported this Tuesday.

According to local outlets, the country's representative to the European Union, Zhang Ming, announced a few hours ago new donations and active participation in actions such as the United Nations global plan for humanitarian response and the programs of the World Health Organization (WHO) related to developing vaccines.

The representative mentioned that Beijing established a special fund of 283 million dollars to fight against the novel coronavirus and provided materials for 2.5 billion dollars to over 150 States and world organizations.

The official also detailed the growing investments in the scientific sector to unravel the unknowns surrounding the Covid-19 disease, the dispatch of experts abroad and the constant exchange of information with professionals from all continents.

Zhang emphasized WHO's role as coordinator of the international response to the pandemic and China's strong support for the agency, to which it donated 50 million dollars this year.

He also urged the international community to join forces to assist nations with weak health systems.

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