Silvio Rodríguez will launch new album in June

Havana - The album ‘Para la espera’ by singer-songwriter, Silvio Rodríguez, will be presented on June 12 on the main digital platforms.

Prior to the release of the album, 4 singles will be released: ‘La adivinanza’ (The riddle) on May 15, ‘Noche sin fin y mar’ (Night without end and sea) on May 22, ‘Viene la cosa’ (The thing is coming) on May 29, and ‘Danzón para la espera’ (Danzón for the wait) on June 5.

‘Para la espera’ includes some of the songs Rodríguez has written in recent years. In a note, the singer-songwriters adds that in all cases they are first versions, made shortly after composing. The instruments and voices included are his, taking down notes to develop later. Only three of the tunes were previously disclosed: 'Jugamos a Dios' (2010) for the film 'Afinidades' - directed by Jorge Perugorría and Vladimir Cruz -, 'Viene la cosa' (2016), performed at several concerts in Havana neighborhoods and 'Noche sin fin y mar' (2017), dedicated to his friend Eduardo Aute. The remaining 10 songs are unpublished.

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