Venezuela promotes humanism to confront Covid-19

Caracas - Venezuela promotes a humanistic and scientific method to confront the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said.

In an online interview with former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, the official stressed that the government of Venezuela implemented early prevention measures to control infection in the country with the aim of ensuring the protection of the people.

She explained that as soon as the first contagions turned up, President Nicolás Maduro decreed the state of constitutional alarm, which allowed maintaining a flattened curve, unlike other countries in Latin America which show exponential growth curves.

Rodríguez recalled that Venezuela currently has one of the lowest rates per million inhabitants in terms of lethality, while the rate in reference to the testing for detection of COVID-19 is the highest in Latin America.

'Mass monitoring has been one of the fundamental axes for the control and prevention of coronavirus, has allowed us to go one step further, for example, we make a method of going house to house with health teams, and that has led us to maintain the highest rate in the application of tests', Rodríguez stressed.

The vice president assured that the health authorities do not expect the sick to reach the hospitals, overflowing the healthcare platform; 'we do not expect the dead to appear on the streets', she pointed out.

Rodríguez highlighted that Venezuela is fully attached to the indications of the World Health Organization regarding the fight against the pandemic, which to date has affected more than 4,4 million people in more than 180 countries.

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