THABA produces plastic masks to face the Covid-19

Artemisa, Cuba - The workers who work in the 104 THABA Workshop in the municipality of Candelaria are immersed in the elaboration of 23 000 plastic masks, which will be distributed, once completed, to all public health personnel, who are directly linked to the confrontation of the Covid-19, from the Artemisa and Mayabeque provinces.

This was confirmed by Yaremis Hernández Suárez, head of the workshop, who added that the territory of Candelaria and two others in the province, such as San Cristóbal and Bahía Honda are immersed in this important task.

"We have the daily challenge of produce and we are fulfilling it at 100 percent, this is a task of the highest order and we must carry out it conscientiously."

The boss added that of 94 workers included in the staff, only 47 currently work, because the rest, due to the pandemic, are from a vulnerable group or live with minors in their houses.

Translated by Lorenzo Raúl Alonso López

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