US jornal recalls historical roots of Cuban doctors' solidarity

Havana - The reporter and publisher in Spanish of the US weekly La Gaceta, Gabriel Cartaya, recalled this Friday the historical roots of Cuban doctors' solidarity.

In an article, he deemed that 'Cuban healthcare professionals have been playing a leading role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and that plenty of Cuban doctors are fighting for saving lives in several countries.'

As an argument in an online conversation from Tampa, he said that the international solidarity spirit of Cuban healthcare professionals has a historical background at the end of the 19th century, when the Federico de la Torre Revolutionary Club was created in Hillsborough County.

Cartaya recalled that this anti-colonialist group essentially brought together Cuban doctors to support the independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico in different ways.

He presented a writing by the Cuban anti-colonialist, Nestor Carbonell (1846?1923), entitled 'The Cuban Doctors' and published by Patria daily in 1898, which in his opinion is the root of the current solidarity, selfishless and altruistic behavior of Cuban healthcare professionals.

Cartaya's article in La Gaceta remembering that of Carbonell's and sent to Prensa Latina is published at the right time. Such story counters the US campaign of lies and slanders against Cuban healthcare professionals' collaboration worldwide in an attempt to gain the media space.

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